Best Baby Towel for Kids Designed by Mom

The absolute best baby towel, The Nestling, is a hooded baby towel that has a wrap around design to keep your little one feeling safe and secure. It covers front to back, unlike traditional hooded baby towels that leave kids wet, cold, and uncovered. The Nestling also doubles as a wearable robe.

Our hooded baby towel was designed after our founder found it impossible to use traditional baby towels which required multiple parents to use, and always left everyone cold and wet. She couldn't fit the square designs on the complex shape of a tiny human (especially one that is slippery and hard to handle after a bath!). She couldn't keep baby warm after the bath, and she and the floor were always soaking wet. You've heard it. We've heard it. "Mom knows best." And we are proof that it's true! Necessity is the mother of invention.

Our founder hand sewed the first prototypes in her house and ditched traditional hooded baby towels right after The Nestling was born. She also realized it was extremely helpful in the post partum period to regain her own independence after a c-section while using a handsfree, wearable kids towel that benefitted mama. New moms and pro parents alike love our towel. Grandparents can participate in bath time easily. Baby and kids feel safe and snug. And the experts agree! Elenest and The Nestling were featured in VOGUE as part of their best baby products for baby and child and best gift for baby series.

With The Nestling's unique design, two arm openings can accommodate both parent and child. One parent simply slides their arms through the openings to pick up baby or chid from the bath, seamlessly bringing baby into a hug while staying dry. You'll feel instantly more confident with bath time with our wearable, handsfree kids towel.

Older kids will love growing with our towel, and they can show their independence by easily sliding their arms into the arm openings after bath and running off to brush teeth or read a book in their super hero cape.

Some of the features and benefits of our hooded baby and kids towel include:

Wearable and handsfree.
Universal size, newborn to big kid.
Everyone stays dry.
Better alternative to traditional hooded towels.
Made by a mom.
Practical, patent-pending design.
Each towel gives back to maternal health. 

Bring the fun and confidence back to bath time with The Nestling.